Information on Goldthwaite, Texas

Goldthwaite is a small city, which was established in 1885. It is located in the central Texas. Initially, Goldthwaite was part of Brown County, which is in the southern portion. Just like most of the cities in Texas, Goldthwaite was named after Joe C. Goldthwaite, who was a railroad official. Joe C. Goldthwaite handled the auction of town lots in Texas. A post office for the sale of the city lots was opened a year later after the establishment of Goldthwaite. The County of Mills was organized, and landowners streamed to donate their property hoping that Goldthwaite would be the county seat. In 1888, the first county jail was established, and two years later the courthouse got completed.

Population and Business Growth

In 1912, the courthouse was destroyed by fire. In 1913, Henry T. Philip built a stronger structure to replace the courthouse. The new structure was designed in the classical style. A library school was later established in 1915. By 1928, the population of Goldthwaite grew to two thousand and eight hundred and the business enterprises had risen to ninety-five. In 1933, Goldthwaite experienced a severe shortage of food that saw many people die of hunger. The population of people and the number of business premises also dropped drastically. The city is also a trade Center where farm equipment and products are sold.

Goldthwaite Celebrations and Neighborhood

To the west of Goldthwaite, is the Regency Bridge. The bridge divides the San Saba County from the Mills. The Regency Bridge is one of the swinging bridges that are still being used in Texas. Goldthwaite is popular for holding Christmas celebration from November to December. Also, it hosts the Parade of Lights, which is an annual party where lightings are displayed in specialty shops. The event is held on the sixth day of the first week of the last month of the year. The bridge was featured in the County Magazine and Syndicated Television Program, all in Texas.

Leadership of Goldthwaite

Goldthwaite was licensed as general law city of type A. in 1907; it was headed by a mayor and five other elderly men. It operated and owned electric gadgets distributions. Goldthwaite holds a water system and a water cleaner system all which are by the environment agency in Texas. It has since employed a city manager who oversees all the operations of the city and ensures all the systems are in place. In 2010, the population of Goldthwaite was approximated at eighteen hundred and seventy-eight.

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